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- The range is open during normal business hours, no appointment necessary except patrons should call to verify the range is available on Saturday as it may be reserved for classes.

We have a new instructor joining our training cadre!
We are happy to introduce Pat Birdsong! Pat is a retired Marine and former Police officer. While living in Memphis, TN Pat became a Rangemaster Staff Instructor. As a Lead instructor Pat has trained over 2000 students in the TN basic handgun course for concealed carry.

* Kansas CCH Instructor
* Tennessee Handgun Instructor
* NRA instructor Pistol and Personal Protection in the home.
* RangeMaster Instructor course
* RangeMaster Advanced Instructor course
* RangeMaster Levels I through V
* Rangemaster Vehicle defense
* Rangemaster Defensive Shotgun
* Surefire Academy
* Will Andrews - Shooting on the move
* William Aprill - Disarms
* Ronin Strategies - Speed Pistol
* Rogers Shooting School
* Gabe Suarez - Force on Force Dynamic Gunfighting

We are now a stocking dealer for Crossbreed holsters!

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